Split Series 001: Makinmov’s reckless time machine turned B2BB

Netlabel MakinMovs, based in Santiago de Chile, presents the first edition of a B2B series dubbed Split Series, a collaboration between producers linked to juke/footwork and future beats with the task of re-making classic bangers into their aesthetic comfort zone.


Photo: Instagram @makingmovs

The first issue of this project will feature the work of producers from the Wst Vghn and Dstrcv ensembles, with a risky re-imagining of 80’s funk music. The experience is kinda what you’d expect from tossing Rick James, Earth Wind & Fire, The Rapture and even Mexican glitter pop Flans with their “No Controles” hit into a blender, sieve, add BPM and serve. The result? Frantic rhythms featuring latin percussion, gummy synths and addictive beats taking you on a time machine with no brakes.


Four tracks that make up this compilation, featuring samples from ‘80s classics like Sister Sledge’s “He’s the greatest dancer”, The Whispers’ “Rock Steady”, Kashif’s “Stone Love” and “Rumours”, taken to rarefied heights by the work and grace of sample Warp controls and disproportionate BPM increases: a most interesting contribution which is well worth the while to listen.




On the las four years, Chile has become a hub of good producers and musicians, with a broad palette of musical projects. Constantly besieged by alternative festivals which cast emerging talents into great stages and bringing them into the public eye immediately, to meet an audience with a palate for fresh music.


MakinMovs wishes to create an ample and distinct repertoire in order to grow as a label, that’s why they’ve tasked themselves with bringing producers from every region of Chile and abroad, like Ma’ Fuego and Dojorok.



WST y dstrcv were part of the DJs hosting  WIDE’s Radio Party Vol.1 , you can play their live mix below.