Lady Leshurr

Bite size and packing one heck of a bite, Lady Leshurr’s characterization of the laid-back, tough as nails joker who doesn’t take ‘it from no one is a delight to hear and see. Dropping puns, references, metaphors and every form of poetic license on her Speeches, her lyrics will sure provide material for tight listening to international listeners and just a bit too much of ‘context’, popping memes and hints at very recognizable media fads and world events and some not quite as: like that thing, the bants and banters sexism thing, a very local British thing, indeed, but the quality of content and her charisma makes browsing the Genius pages worth it.

I mean, sheesh, we all know that in order to be loquacious you’ve got to stay informed and process a lot of words into your thought stream… but look at that output. Straight bodacious.


Emphasize: character, not to be confused with “pose”. Sure, she may laugh at anyone’s expense, but for the sake of laugh itself: it doesn’t mean she’d be uncouth or a bully, and certainly not at a record label’s request. When Atlantic made her a proposition for a deal set on a diss track towards another female artist, she refused. She’s been told to water herself down into friendlier genres, maybe dress a little ‘nicer’. So, she never gave two thoughts at changing her ways of presenting herself or her artistic aspirations to suit a package.



Such display of personal integrity hints the real direction of her work, for messing about with every casual topic brought into social media’s attention comes up short. She takes inspiration from Missy Elliott and Eminem: coming up against strange odds, and breaking through, remaining themselves.

She wants to be an artist to push forward a change in the ways that women are perceived and treated: not conforming to formulas, skimpy dresses, or frivolous statements. She wants to speak her mind, to be able to go beyond what’s ‘proper’ and create new, empowering aesthetics.

Laughter is the most horizontal thing in the world: Kings might be rulers, but we may laugh at them – even if we get hella guillotined afterwards – luckily for Lady, she’s by all rights a Queen.