On Tuesday 9 we’ll be starting 2018 with an optical fibre rave with DJ NYEM – a.k.a. Isamit Morales – a venezuelan-chilean artist who’ll thrill us with her eclectic “peripheric” mixes and material from her most recent mixtape “Vuelve a la vida, vuelve a la vida”: a banquet of oysters, octopus, anti-hegemonic ovaries and restless immigrant rootlessness served with generous amounts of bravo tuky sauce, baile funk, kuduro and an assortment of luscious afro caribbean molasses, so you can get proper gorged (musically) and go to sleep… but be wary of smashing your mattress or killing your mother-in-law.

A joke sadly lost in translation “vuelve a la vida”, “rompe colchones” and “matalasuegra” are all variants of a venezuelan seafood recipe with legendary frisky properties (Venezuelan cultural reference)


NYEM (Not Your Exotic Monkey) is a soft space where Isamit Morales’ creativity manifests through diverse media and concepts, never quite taking a solid shape. On her professional and geographical trajectory – though design, musical production and contemporary art; Chile to Venezuela, Italy to Spain – she’s developed a particular sensibility to the process of becoming a particular person with a particular identity, the prejudices and inferences about one’s own self and the other’s and the places to make actual contact with the latter. 

Working as a DJ in Europe she came to realize that she was, rather forcibly, a latina (even though her tastes are as cosmopolitan as any other digital natives’). Later, her penchant for “black” music genres makes her wonder: Does it really matter where music comes from in the age of digital and physical places? What is exotization good for?




🛃 🚨 Listen to Alpha S (Chile), ClassicNewWave (NYC) y Dj Denz (UK)’s Live Mixes at WIDE Radio Fiesta 🚨🛃


In going through these middle grounds of identity – amongst whitenesses, subalternities and steamy  tropical exoticisms – despite feeling a tad annoyed, she realized how she could play with identities in a novel way. Musically, her semiotic terrorisms consist of reediting and participating in genres generally labeled as “tropica”, coarsely exotized and bound to certain places and skin colors. In her work as a performance artist, her enquiry continues: What’s identity all about? Is it about provenance? Is it about what is done? Is it about how actions are (mis)construed? Like that time she decided to become a man-beating monster for a clueless italian media show.


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