WIDE Radio Fiesta Vol. 1


Our fine radio station brings the thumpin’, majestic and weird of LatAm’s dance music scene right into your digital feelers.



Photography: Pithy.


November the 24th was the day that WIDE was revealed to the greedy, googling eyes of the world web by doing what we love and we hope you’ll come to love too:  broadcasting cool, gritty or plain crazy DJs from different corners of the world in a stream of sound to bring delight to the pickiest ears and get them booties annexed to said auditive apparatuses a’shakin. Celebrating the conjoining powers of music, friendship and the internet, we sailed from mid-afternoon and towards the depths of the night thumping with a sound palette to bring confusion to all kinds of musical palates.

To start-up our wicked plans of world domination, we gathered a team of four outstanding DJs from disparate spots around Latin America to tailor the sonic tissue to dress this very special night: Broadcasting from our suite at the Hersperia WTC (Venezuela) was the garage-y Subdata – a member of Valencia’s renown Desigval crew – and Koji, former member of Caracas’ Haus Collective, with his gummy and crisp, virtual synth laden tunes.




Subdata by Pithy



Koji Rdelav by Pithy



Santiago de Chile’s WST VGHN and dstrcv, from emblematic Makinmovs label gave us a taste of their homebrew take on Footwork and Ghetto House, with stuttering rap samples mangled by means of beat repeat, harmonized by all kinds of synth textures. Wrapping it all up was the taste of Diamantero, Cocobass’ finest now established in Ciudad de México, with a laid-back, streamlined and giggly setlist to end it on a high note.






Photography: Angel C.



In gathering all of them, we had us a proud group of pioneers of the continents’ Juke, Caribbean Bass, Garage and Club Music and setlists to really – like, really – party. An accomplishment to rinse and repeat as we take our first steps in becoming a beacon for new sounds and emerging artists bringing the local to the universal and the other way around.







WIDE Radio’s Fiesta Vol. 1 is all about homesickness when you’re abroad, about being in the middle of the middle, like segments in fugue, about the new friends that we make in our comings and goings, here and there, and bringing people together through the powers of art. This celebration stands in homage to these feelings and ideas, as a joint effort between talented and passionate people spread around the continent. You’ll be seeing more of us soon.


Flyer Photography:
Angel Cotufas (Instagram)

Irene Mendez  (Instagram)

VJ mix:
Ikusachirompe (Instagram)

Art director:

Paige Nicholas

Daniel Drobinic

Executive production:
WIDE Entertainment