Live in Santiago 002: Santiago Rooftop Patrimonial Edition

On December 22 we went to one of the Santiago Rooftop’s party, an event that, since 2016, has stood out for its focus on electronic music artists from the country and abroad, in collaboration with contemporary art galleries – Totoral Lab and Aurora Arts – and new bussinesses oriented to cultural promotion. All of this framed by a very original use of urban spaces: rooftops, clubs and architecturally distinguished buildings of hystorical significance; a gesture which conjugates the use and re-signification of the city’s patrimony, a fling – or maybe amorousness – between the contemporary and the traditional. Which was exactly what went on that night: a Patrimonial Session, which took place on an antique large house of Barrio Concha y Toro.



The lineup consisted of the event’s long time collaborators Diegors, Haiti and Carlomarco – pioneers of the afrocaribbean and centroamerican electronica fusion – who were joined by Sommer, the resident DJ at the Sunday Funday at the W and Sheraton Miramar hotels making his debut at the city and Andrés Marzuca, a santiaguino of palestinian descent returning from his pilgrimage to Rotterdam’s deepest depths of deep house and techno.

The final contrast is a sample of the distinct musical niches beginning to thrive in Santiago, that, from this editorial’s point of view speak of global and local processes of cultural influence that can only take place on Santiago. This way, Rooftop’s parties remain on the vanguard of electronic music events at a national level, where new scenes meet and flow towards the night. We’ll be anxiously expecting their next show!