Live in Santiago 003: Eggglub



Daniel Cancino – a.k.a. Eggglub – comes unto us continuing the zen tradition that Master DJ Shadow established during the last millenium. A producer from Santiago who speaks through a thousand voices, with a mashup between instrumental hip-hop and every kind of genre he can get his hands on.


Eggglub’s sound collages will often stroll around hip-hop, soul, jazz and R&B taking the ocassional detour into synthwave, nu-disco and vaporwave, cutting and pasting the bits and pieces together with his trusty Roland SP. The resulting beats have much of the endearing grit found in The Low End Theory and Fear of a Black Planet
which come to be surrounded by deliberately retro synths and mischievous samples of TV advertising, all of this seasoned by the noise of turntables, magnetic tame and his instrument’s vinyl simulation(Which BTW earned itself it’s own market share among laptopper producers)



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With more than 6 years of activity and presence in the musical world, it seems that he’s kept himself busy: aside from producing an amazing amount of tracks and albums, he has also published a nice little cassette collection (real, limited edition tapes to listen on your walkman in 2018) along with various artists from his country and abroad. With these collabs, that he published under Lunar Tapes, he’s taken one step further in his interest for fusion and collages, as we can appreciate on Jedddlub, produced along his russian buddy Jedh: it contains a cheeky reference to J-Dilla and Madlib’s Champion Sound and is a worthy tribute to the stars in the constellation of alternative hip-hop: to Saint Nujabes, Paladin RJD2 and the Wise Kid Koala. If you’d like to check out his live set at Santiago’s Feria Interzona Vol. 2, well, check it.