Live in Santiago 001

From November of the last year, Galería Cima has started to establish itself as one of the best spots in Santiago de Chile for cultural events, enjoying the works of emerging graphic artists and, especially, music. With a very privileged location and landscape – a 180° view of the heart of the city – in front of Banquedano’s Plaza Italia – on a penthouse from ‘55 it has, without a doubt, a splendid ambiance that sets its already excellent events in a very chic frame.




On the 9 and 10th of december, this was the case for the Feria del Calzado Oficio, which we diligently visited in order to steal some exclusive setlists (which you’ll find further down) by the DJs tasked with providing the music on the ocassion, with an oldschool setup, working vinyl turntables like Grandmaster Flash. They were Kamila Govorcin,, with her home-grown sound (founding member of Panal Records), DJ Caso, the prolific collaborator and producer in all of Chile’s musical currents, and Fantasna, whose trajectory has traversed through ages and labels (Nomucho – Pirotecnia) with his live house shows. The combination of summer’s 27°, the veranda’s fresh air and the superb live mixes made this a perfect weekend for chilling and putting on our new kicks to dance.




Kamila’s set was pristine and sweet, going towards the grounds Techno, which seemed not to leave any of FL Studi’s preset unused. DJ Caso’s went for more familiar, nineties and early two-thounsand-ish house music, nudging towards ambient and dubstep and garnshed with hip-hop samples. Fantasna’s set went down further in that direction with a nostalgic twist, finishing his setlist with R&B vocals with a very ‘80s tinge and showing some of the material found on “Cuéntame”, his latest LP.

Enjoy the first edition of Live in Santiago:

Kamila Govorcin.