Wealstarr: from Paris’ hip-hop scene to dancefloors around the world


Wealstarr is currently a cornerstone of rap production in France, credited with many hip-hop hits on his country, still, by 2016 he decided to make an excursion into electronic music with the EP ITB2, to surprise us even further with his following ITB3, becoming a recommended artist by Kitsuné with his track “Strumpet” and more recently “Feria Festival”.


Photo: Instagram @wealstarr_sintropez

In view of the quality of his productions, we might take for granted that he’d receive praise and support by fellow artists. And that’s exactly what his contemporaries Flume and Kaytranada did, the former from Australia and the latter from Canada. After being co-signed to Kitsuné, he crafted an exclusive Spotify mix, which further increased his popularity around the world.


His latest material brings us towards the dancefloor on a very chill, lounge-y vibe sprinkled with some Brazilian flavour, with tracks like “Maracaná” and “Mai Ito 2”, to then step on the borders of downtempo and house music, much like Flume, on intensity-laden “Basquiat”. There’s also a more Parisian sounding “Chateau D’Eau” and finally, the epic “Feria Festival” with hip-hop extracts and Brazilian song samples… tied with a lovely ribbon.


Welstarr’s versality and the broad combination of sounds and influences that he places on ITB3 assures him a spot among the top best tracks headed toward the disco around the world. Taking those extra steps away from hip-hop has been a huge “yes” from electronic music fans.