WIDE Radio Fiesta Vol. 3

On this Friday the 2nd, we’ll be transmitting our third WIDE Radio Fiesta, with a splurge of good music and lazily fashionable looks as a joint effort between WIDE brand new apparel label ERA, featuring talented DJs from Perú and Venezuela.


ERA is the brainchild of our friend and collaborator Koji, who intends to establish it as an alternative to venezuela’s rather desertic market of men’s clothing. On this ocassion we’ll be taking part in the showroom event for his latest collection RIDE, inspired on the motocross/cyclocross culture of the ’80s: pieces painted and stamped by hand, with a minimalistic and versatile design to befriend and flatter every kind of attire, be it hipster, clubber, gangsta, stoner, computer geek or “generic guy #3”, also seeking also to appeal to the chicks with attitude market share.
The music will be provided by Koji himself along with DJ Wow Qué DJ (Bestialo Culapsus’ doppelganger). Valencia’s mero-mero of House and Street Bass music, Subdata, will crash the party (like, in the good way). From the distant lands of Barquisimeto, our dear suit-and-tie wearing, moral skeptic Anarculture will honor us with his presence and a Garage, Nu-Disco, Funk Carioca saturated set. Last but not least there’s WuMo “The Flame Boucher”, with a live trap show dripping auto.tune and eerie, spectral atmospheres drawn from Grimes’ intoxicated dreamscapes.




Photos: Instagram @eraabout


From Lima we’ll be patching to the transmission  – in pristine 24bit resolution and at a nice 44.1 Khz – of Mono con $uerte and Dr.100’s, known for their hyper-stylized and spacious mixes. Both of them are co-founders of the prominent netlabel MATRACA, which has very recently (nearing the end of 2017) established itself as one of Latin America’s  pioneering fronts in Footwork and Juke, with a known history of experimentation in genres such as Dub, Trap, Future Bass and Deep House. Thusly, we’ll be expecting a wondrous display of sonic warfare.


🌐We visited Chile, London and New York on our last party check it out! 


We’ll be transmitting this parade of nice duds, party engineering and wack music to you and all the WWW from a private location in Caracas, on Friday the 2nd of February at 7pm (Caracas’ time), through WIDE Radio’s official site (www.itswide.com).