WIDE Radio presents “Natural” by Delta & The Machine Combo.


Rather dissatisfied at his conquest in the realms of techno, Jorge Pérez – a.k.a. DJ Clash – has taken upon himself to incursion the Bristol sound and other other Dub derivatives by giving birth to Delta & Machine Combo, a project which seeks to “find the perfect mixture of organic and electronic sounds” much in the same way that afferent streams join forming a triangle as the tides shift.


Delta & Machine combo builds their own style by finding the sweet spot between a variety of genres, establishing the mood for a spatial sound voyage.

For the project, DJ Clash has settled on a more conservative compositional style, taking much from downtempo, trip-hop and chillout rhythms and melodies contrasted by an experimental take on sound design: distorted and reverb dipped synths materialize around opaque basslines, organ chords or an ever-so-seductive Rhodes piano. On other tracks a guitar nimbly accompanies the beats of a subterranean drum machine whilst VHS babes join in, through the miracles of sampling, to whisper in your ear.


In recording the album – his debut – he’s had the contribution of two notable venezuelan musicians, namely, Christian Rodríguez – who’s responsible for the basslines in ‘Tormenta Eléctrica’, ‘Bad Kittie’, ‘Trippy Love’, ‘Roots’ and ‘Universos Paralelos’ and “PalmeraInvisible”, and recorded all guitar tracks and mastered the album.
Tasked with the composition, production and mixdown of the album is DJ Clash, who developed the central concepts of Delta & Machine Combo: that combination of synthesizers, tape hiss and classical instrumentation from the ‘90s. Maybe the final product isn’t the most stylized manifestation of all the influences that we can feel below the tracks, nevertheless, we must
certainly praise his ambition to juxtapose rather brief album: of alternatingly dark and psychedelic atmospheres, hints towards dub and jazz music; both sensual and edgy at times.
The graphic design was made by Roger Dominguez, on a sober, minimalistic key that fuses perfectly to the photography, which was, in turn, the contribution of Eliana Contreras.


Natural extends through 10 tracks like a retro space voyage through a ‘90s nebulose, like a tiny manned satellite spinning in a horrible zero-gravity daze of bleaching bright colours, shouting “Mayday!” only to be answered by static and aliens armed with synthesizers, erotic samples and tentacles. Mmh-hmm.


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