Yaeji presents “Raingurl” – A nerdy beauty’s take on bouncy 808 House


Watch out for this one. Known for her reflexive, mixed-language, whispery and guttural ASMR delivery, this New York girl of (South) Korean descent hits very mellow-yet-real, absent-minded but rogue tones, much in the spirit of Cibo Matto (not that this writer would cheerfully confound Japanese with Korean ladies, mind you) delicately placed on a deep house background.











I don’t fuck with family planning”










On her latest vid, “Raingurl”, she’s twisted the moxy knob to the max: Domineering the beat Yaeji is a boasting, fulla-giggles dancefloor sorcerer, making the dancers around her flicker and vanish like Tyler Durden hallucinations at her whim. Alluding her glass of vodka with a not-so-far-fetched metaphor as the club gets steamier and foggier, and throwing deliberately confusing lines like “I don’t fuck with family planning” to leave the listeners bedazzled and intrigued. This is how this hip geek turned DJ faces the club and party scene, with her deep thoughts being digested along with the booze, shifted into unintelligible jokes to self, as the mood finally sets in and she becomes a party animal.

After running into her mates like “Ooh, yeah, hey dawg, hey, wassup?” she’s ready to move her feet: Thick as her basslines, either gracefully or fooling around, she becomes like a queen: self-assured, charming, funny and not self-serious at all. A hint at theme’s she’s poked about before: Why concern yourself with beauty standards? Feeling pretty? Need to put some makeup on? – This product is called depression and it stays on for 24 hours. – Don’t be silly, girl! Just dance!